It was a chilly morning and my mum had woken up early than usually to open the business .it was on a Sunday people were going to church others were working and doing there jobs.

I was sited out side our door  from a distance I  saw a necked person running towards   the mandarin  shop she was crying so  had and  she ruined as faster as her legs could carry her and sat down looking for help from the village.

 Those people who were making mandarin were shocked to see what a woman it was she started crying say that she was kidnapped the day before on her way from work for instance the kidnappers were the friends to the girl.

Afterwards r that one man decided to go and tell the village elder when they came the dose by helping woman .the woman was taken to hospital while the investigation were done by the police searching for the one who did the crime it even not a single minute for them to be caught. The criminal was pay jeweled for 15 yrs or to 500ml with two asurerity happened two the one who did the crime it evennot  frends  was kidnaspped        




My name is Orpha Kemunto, aged 15. I come from the village of Kibarage in Kangemi where I live with my single mom. My family consists of 7 people but we also accommodate my aunt and her daughter.

Life has not been good for me as I turned to be a twilight sister (commercial sex worker) to make ends meet. This has not deterred me from making my dream come true. Currently am undergoing some training under the Digital Storytelling project sponsored by Undugu Society of Kenya. This is a platform that has enabled me to have a feel of what I can do and to speak out for what is on my mind through a story.  The project has also given me the hope getting a better job  through  the certificate that ill acquire  a certificate and I hope that I would be able to quit the streets and live a decent life.




it has become the only key to life  in our region ,and now it has even led to some girls between  the ages of  15 to 20 years to drop out of school . This problem has reached to an extent that even their parents are worst than their children’s. e.g. there is a friend of mine whose parent is an expert of the work, that by now she says that she is throaty feet on the job .she mostly says that if goes on his working place she earns a lot more than any work in addition to she tells that his proud of his working hands that god blessed   her with. She spends her night by doing the work at times as from 9 o’clock evening up to 6 am. Some times when she comes home s he says that she mightily be rapped off or high jacked by thugs this seemly occurs when she arrives home ealy at 12.00 p.m.



since our livelihood started in slum area now the number of people living is well increasinging lending to young people starting by joining crime.

its also increasing just because almost ¾ are jobless now it leads to many by being introduced drugs, dropping out of school, youths also joins in by crime activities.

Finally some crimes e.g. cases like quarrying; which is the most leading finally people becomes enemies. There is also crime being done mostly of selling drugs eg bhang, miraa, and changaa. that  affects the community.

They are the most effect ones which people in the area take us there basic. it also leads to prostitution by which some youths find it difficult to stop because  it is the only work that some of them can be abide to do and it cheapest to earn money.

they need to be educated of effectives of all those crimes.